Intro to information | Information Systems homework help

Your individual project for this unit has you working as a consultant providing a presentation for recommendations to implement a defense in depth strategy that incorporates the principles of least privilege to interesting technology professionals.

You are a consultant working for CB-Drifter technologies. As part of an initiative to make executives more aware of your process and technologies used in organizational and asset protection, you have been asked to prepare a presentation highlighting the principles of defense in depth and least privilege with examples of how a layered security model should be implemented.

This assignment should address the following in 10-12 slides (MS PowerPoint), using APA to document references, and with details in the speaker notes section:

  1. Title Slide (1 slide)
  2. Topics of Discussion Slide (1 slide); bulletized subjects you will execute in the presentation)
  3. Explain the concept of defense in depth and how layered security can protect applications and devices (3-4 slides)
  4. Provide the security systems using multiple components to protect organizational operations at various layers or levels (3-4 slides)
  5. Conclusion slide (1 slide)
  6. APA Reference Slide (1 slide)

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