Grammar exercise | English homework help

please read pages 133-136 and 140-150, and please complete the following sets of exercises.  The associated pages of instruction and the exercise instructions get more mechanical/technical than I prefer to get with grammatical instruction, but these are issues I am seeing in your essays, so I figured it is worth having you check these things out and work with them a little bit.


EXERCISE S1-1 on page 136 (This is in Section S1-c.)


EXERCISE S3-1 on page 143 (This is in Section S3-d.)


EXERCISE S3-6 on page 146 (This is in Section S3-e.)


EXERCISE S4-1 on page 147 (This is in Section S4-a.)


EXERCISE S4-3 on page 148 (This is in Section S4-b.)


EXERCISE S4-6 on page 151 (This is in Section S4-5.)

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