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1. In bivariate regression, the amount of change in Y for one-unit change in X is:

2. Table 1 provides a summary of the regression analysis for the variable predicting happiness.
What can the researcher say about the variable sense of humor?

3. In a bivariate regression, the variable from which a prediction is made is called the predictor variable, whereas the variable to be predicted or (the outcome) is called the:

4. In bivariate regression, the difference between the obtained value and the predicted value of Y, is:

5. What assumption is not required for a bivariate regression to be a valid description of the relationship between X and Y?

6. A Multiple Linear Regression analysis generates an equation to describe the statistical relationship between one or more predictor variables and the response variable. The t-statistic and its corresponding p-value for each term tests the null hypothesis that the coefficient is equal to zero.

7. A researcher wants to evaluate the null hypothesis that the amount of time college students’ spend online does not significantly predict their GPA. What is the best analysis to test this null hypothesis?

8. r2 = .547 be interpreted as  54.7% of the variance in the outcome or criterion is explained by the predictor.

9. A Multiple Linear Regression was conducted to evaluate if (sleep, diet, exercise, age, gender) can predict the criterion variable (GPA). The results of the regression model were F(5, 94) = 5.18, p < .05. The predictor variables had the corresponding p-values:

10. In bivariate regression, the value of Y when X equals 0 is:

11. In the equation, Y’ = b0 + b1X, b0 represents the:

12. Given Y’ = b0 + b1X.

If b0 = 0 and b1 = 5 and X = 1, Y will equal:

13. In a correlation analysis, we examine scatterplots and “imagine” a line running through the datapoints that characterizes the general linear pattern of the data. We add a number, the Pearson correlation, which summarized how tightly clustered the points would be around that imaginary line. The process of placing a line onto the scatterplots is called ________.

14. In the equation Y’ = b0 + b1 X1 , Y’ is level of bordem and X is listening to statistics tutorials. If b1 = 0, what can be said about the relationship between bordem and listening to statistics tutorials?

15. In a survey that included assessment of husband and wife heights, Hodges, Krech & Crutchfield (1975) reported the following results. Let’s treat wife height as the predictor (X) variable, and husband height as the outcome (Y) variable.  


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