Discussion questions | Management homework help

Can anyone write responses to a couple of discussion questions?

1. Explain the differences between closed and open architectures.  Outline the reasons an open architecture was chosen for the Internet. 

2. Many businesses offer free samples of their products or services to potential customers to induce them to become customers. Describe how this strategy can be implemented online. Be sure to note how the amount of sampling that is likely to be beneficial differs in the online environment and the physical world. 

3. Manufacturers of golf equipment often advertise on television broadcasts of golf tournaments; however, manufacturers of football equipment rarely advertise on television broadcasts of football games. In one or two paragraphs, explain why the advertising strategies of these two businesses differ.

4. Explain how the Web can help build and maintain trust among participants in a specific supply chain. 

5. Describe the differences between a blog and a microblog. Why might a company prefer to use a microblog in its social networking efforts rather than a blog?  Do some research and see if you can find an example of a company that uses a blog and a company that uses a microblog. Include these examples in your initial post.  

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