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Marketing promotion | Marketing homework help

Hi, I have a marketing assignment which is described in the attached file. Also I have attached a (marketing book) to use as a reference for this assignment. Please make sure you will reference this book in the assignment along with other references. It should be Maximum 2 pages (exclude the references)  Also, I need […]

Designing a management system | Psychology homework help

Imagine you are a behavior analyst who has just opened up a new practice. You are planning to hire three new registered behavior technicians (RBTs). As the owner, and the only behavior analyst at your organization, you are in charge of ensuring your new RBTs are highly trained, carry through with your behavior plans, and […]

Accounting help from account squru

a. On July 31, the company’s Cash account has a $24,754 debit balance, but its July bank statement shows a $27,407 cash balance. b. Check No. 3031 for $1,650 and Check No. 3040 for $817 were outstanding on the June 30 bank reconciliation. Check No. 3040 is listed with the July canceled checks, but Check No. 3031 is not. Also, Check No. 3065 for $601 and Check No. 3069 for $2,418, both written in July, are not among the canceled checks on the July 31 statement. c. In comparing the canceled checks on the bank statement with the entries in the accounting records, it is found that Check No. 3056 for July rent was correctly written and drawn for $1,220 but was erroneously entered in the accounting records as $1,210. d. A credit memorandum enclosed with the July bank statement indicates the bank collected $7,500 cash on a non-interest-bearing note for Clark, deducted a $38 collection fee, and credited the remainder to its account. Clark had not recorded this event before receiving the statement. e. A debit memorandum for $805 lists a $795 NSF check plus a $10 NSF charge. The check had been received from a customer, Jim Shaw. Clark has not yet recorded this check as NSF. f. Enclosed with the July statement is a $11 debit memorandum for bank services. It has not yet been recorded because no previous notification had been received. g. Clark’s July 31 daily cash receipts of $8,652 were placed in the bank’s night depository on that date, but do not appear on the July 31 bank statement.

Mgmt 312 – managerial accounting – module 1 assignment

I. Cost analysis and identification.    Georgia Pacific, a manufacturer, incurs the following costs:  a. Classify each cost as either a product or a period cost. If a product cost, identify it as a rime or a conversion cost.  b. Classify each product cost as either a direct cost or an indirect cost using the […]

Umuc biology lab 4: enzymes

      Your Full Name:   UMUC Biology 102/103 Lab4:Enzymes   INSTRUCTIONS:   · On your own and without assistance, complete thisLab4AnswerSheet electronically and submit it via theAssignments Folder by the date listedintheCourse Schedule (underSyllabus). · To conduct your laboratory exercises, use the Laboratory Manuallocated under Course Content. Read the introduction and the directions […]

Consider the following data from a small bookstore

Consider the following data from a small bookstore.Number of sales people working—————–Sales (in $1000)2————————————————————–103————————————————————–117————————————————————–139————————————————————–1410————————————————————-1810————————————————————-2012————————————————————-2015————————————————————-2216————————————————————-2220————————————————————-26x = 10.4—————————————————–y = 17.6SD(x) = 5.64———————————————–SD(y) = 5.341. Calculate the mean and standard deviation of # of sales people (x) and sales (y). Find sample size n.2. Calculate the correlation coefficient with all three methods (covariance method, z-score method, and correlation […]

Slp job redesign | Management homework help

READING MATERIAL: Griffin, R. (2007). Chapter 6: Organization structure and design. Principles of Management. Houghton Mifflin, New York. http://college.cengage.com/business/griffin/sas_principles/1e/assets/students/know_bank/griffin_sas_KB_6.1.pdf Bauer, T., & Erdogan, B. (2012) Chapter 6.1: Motivating employees through job design. Introduction to Organizational Behavior. Flatworld Knowledge. http://2012books.lardbucket.org/books/an-introduction-to-organizational-behavior-v1.0/s10-01-motivating-employees-through-j.html ASSIGNMENT Make sure you have thoroughly reviewed the background readings and understand the key concepts of job […]

1.4 case study | Management homework help

 The case study reflects a specific team effort. The goal is to consider what takes place and find applications that are transferable to the type of work you are involved in. This 500-750 word evaluation should cover all the above elements adequately and clearly. Post your response to the class discussion. Provide a summary of […]

Deliverable 2- the strategics sale plans

CompetencyCreate a strategic sales plan. Student Success CriteriaView the grading rubric for this deliverable by selecting the “This item is graded with a rubric” link, which is located in the Details & Information pane. ScenarioYou are the regional sales manager for International Herb Express (IHE) which is a large, US-based spice & herbs supplier. IHE […]